About Us


Octopus Training Solutions is a vibrant education and training company founded in 2016. Our name is derived from the ocean creatures which are most famous for having eight arms and bulbous heads. Having eight arms the Octopuses are able to move in any direction thus symbolising the dynamism, strategic and relevance and complexity that resembles Octopus Training Solutions.
The characteristics of the Octopus inspired our core values and guiding principles. Its intellectual capabilities are so high. It has 3 brains and blue blood symbolising the uniqueness of the business model of Octopus Training Solutions.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Focus: We constantly focus to offer innovative products/services Intellectual Capabilities: Constant improvement of our intellectual capabilities throughlifelong learning.
  • Talent: Building a team that is talented and passionate about skills development.
  • Complexity: The complex operating environment requires constant environmental analysis.
  • Dynamic Strategy: We respond to the complex operating environment by adopting the concept called strategy dynamics or dynamic strategy.
  • Visionary Leadership: we pride ourselves of leadership that is future oriented .


To be recognised as a global innovative provider of Education and Training.


To actively participate in skills development through strategic partnerships to achievenotable transformation and emancipation of people within the broader economy.

Our Accreditations